There are few events as exciting as bringing a new baby into your life – and with all that excitement and newfound love comes a new world of concerns. 

We can help them grow up healthy, happy and strong.

There are two infant disorders that physiotherapy is effective in treating – Plagiocephaly (flat head) and Torticollis (wry neck). If your baby has been diagnosed with either of these conditions, or if you suspect they may be occurring, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one our caring and expert physical therapists.  

We’ll measure your baby’s head and determine any necessary treatment. In most cases, treatment involves simply giving you the education you need to prevent Plagiocephaly, or minimize and even reverse any flattening that has already occurred. If your baby has tight, or weak neck muscles, we can teach you the proper stretching and strengthening exercises to correct this condition. 

Education and diligence is the key to correction. 

In infants less than six months of age, simple counter-positioning techniques taught by a physical therapist will help return your baby’s head to its natural shape. Babies older than six months, or with severe asymmetries, may require helmet therapy.

Prevention is the best therapy.

You have up to two years to change your baby’s head shape. Mild to moderate flattening can be improved by strict positional therapy. Severe flattening will require orthotic treatment, such as a helmet and will need to be assessed by a head-shape clinic.