We know, there a few things as debilitating and draining as a back, or neck injury. One of the most complex parts of the body, the spine plays an important role in almost all movement and can be susceptible to injury. There are several different kinds of injuries that can cause neck and back pain.

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Muscle Tightness
Nerve Compression

Strains occur when a muscle is placed under an extreme load resulting in some degree of tearing or stretching of the muscle fibers. This can occur when there is forced hyperextension of the back or neck, like a whiplash injury or when the demands placed on the muscles are too high, like when lifting a heavy object.
Muscle tightness is usually the body’s protective reflex response to an injury to the bones and ligaments of the spinal column as the muscles go into spasm. This increased muscle tension can cause the back to stiffen up causing more discomfort.
Nerve compression in the spine can cause pain to spread into the arms or legs and in extreme cases, can cause a loss in sensation or motor control. A common condition called Sciatica is caused by compression on the Sciatic Nerve which causes pain to shoot down from the back through the hip and into the back of the thigh and lower leg.