No matter whether you live an active life, or an athletic life, your shoulders, elbows and wrists get a serious workout every day. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that these busy joints can be susceptible to conditions related regular wear and tear, overuse and injury.

We can help you carry on. 

The physical therapists at Hawkstone Physical Therapy are trained to diagnose and treat all conditions affecting these important joints. They’ll help you bring the swelling down, get your pain under control and help you restore your lost mobility and strength. We’ll get you back in the game, or the office and living life without pain.

Shoulder Pain
Elbow Injuries
Wrist Injuries


There’s no need to shoulder the pain.

Often overlooked, the shoulder is amazing and the most flexible joint in the human body. The muscles in the shoulder form a bridge between the head and neck, back and torso. A very complex joint, the shoulder plays a big part of so many athletic movements and that makes it vulnerable to a number of injuries. And because it is such a hardworking joint, the shoulder is susceptible to arthritis, tendinitis and tearing. At Hawkstone Physical Therapy, we use a variety of methods to treat shoulder injuries, from ice and manual therapy, to IMS and exercise.

Sometimes elbows need more than grease.

One of the most often used joints in the body, the elbow is an important hinge between the upper and lower arm. When the elbow is repeatedly worked and placed under an abnormal amount of stress, the tendons of the joint can become swollen and painful (tendonitis), which can make your arm and grip weak. Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow are two common forms of tendonitis that we see and treat at Hawkstone Physical Therapy, using a variety of techniques.

It’s all in the wrist.

Another complex and pretty incredible part of the body, the wrist is not one joint, but actually multiple joints. It’s the last stop between the arm and the hand and that makes it a critical part of so many day-to-day and athletic movements. It’s the main reason the wrist is vulnerable to injuries that happen when we put our hands out to brace for impact and when we overuse it doing something repetitive such as typing. Whether it’s an injury resulting from a fall, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the physical therapists at Hawkstone Physical Therapy can help you get back doing what you love.