Warming up for golf season!

One thing the pro’s do before they even set foot on the course is warm up. A solid stretching and mobility routine, hitting and putting practice for 30-40 min. Pitching and chipping for 10 min, another round of putting, THEN they go tee off.

Here’s what you do: Get out of the car, swing a couple practice swings, go to the tee.

Are you feeling warmed up? Likely not. Maybe by the third hole? Let’s change that! You don’t need to be warming up like a pro – who has that kind of time?!?! Here’s what we recommend:

Arrive early, dress a little warmer than you need to, follow along with these exercices!

  1. Standing holding a golf club with both hands, palms facing you. Pull shoulder blades back and shrug shoulders very slightly up and back as you bring your arms overhead. Hold for 5 sec, and lower down. Repeat 10 times then move your hands further apart to change where you feel the stretch.

  2. Stand on the edge of a curb and let one leg dangle over the edge. Slowly bring your leg forwards and backwards like a pendulum warming up the hip.

  3. Do some slow, gentle practice swing motions with no ball. Activate your core and get your torso moving.

  4. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Remember, you’re here to enjoy the game and outdoors!

If you’re finding that you need a little more than that or have some pain or stiffness after your game, call us!

This could be you!

This could be you!