Travel Tips for Summer Vacay!

Heading on vacation this summer?

A lot of the most common issues we see surround prolonged sitting; car, plane, train, bus – almost always require you to stay seated for a long time. Our bodies are designed to move, the best way to combat getting stiff from a long trip is to take movement breaks. Get out of the car and go for a short walk, even 5 minutes makes a big difference!

The opposite can be true as well, we tend to try new things on vacation or over exert ourselves by jumping into an activity we might not typically do. If you know you’re going to be doing some hiking or extra activities let us know before you go and we can give you some ideas on how to better prepare!

 Activity aside, here are 3 of our no fail travel tips:

  1. Choose your bag wisely. Using a backpack as opposed to a shoulder bag can help with posture and evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders and back. Pack heavier things closer to you and try to use one with a waist belt and sternum strap. We recommend MEC for a big selection and knowledgeable staff!

  2. Wear appropriate shoes. If you’re going to be walking or hiking wear supportive footwear. It sounds so simple but nothing ruins a holiday like sore feet and blisters. Wearing shoes with adequate arch support will make your day much more comfortable and help with fatigue. Shoes such as unstructured runners, flip flops or ballet flats do not offer the support your foot requires for long periods of time.

  3. Bring your Thera-bands and exercise pictures with you. Your body will benefit from the time off work, extra sleep, and relaxation but skipping your rehab exercises is generally bad idea! If you’re not sure how to adapt an exercise for travel, ask one of our Exercise Therapists next time you’re in!