Women's Health and Infant Physio

Did you know that we offer both Infant and Pelvic Floor Assessments and Treatments at Hawkstone? Maybe you didn't, but awareness is always a good thing. Maybe you don't have a baby or need these special services right now, but one day you might! We recently asked Sari, our physio who specializes in both of these areas to answer some common questions patients have.


How do I know if my baby needs physio?

A child with a flat spot on the back or side of their head should receive physio. A child that tilts their head to one side more than the other should also be assessed. You may bring a baby 6 weeks old and up to physio for prevention strategies of Plagiocephaly (flat head).

What can I expect during an infant assessment?

I use a special device to measure the baby's head shape and will move their neck into a few different positions. I'll discuss my findings with you and make a plan for treatment.

Will there be homework or exercises to do?

There might be stretching, strengthening or positional exercises for you to continue with at home.

Will it hurt my baby?

Physiotherapy should not ever harm your child. Stretches can be uncomfortable at first but will not be harmful.

How would I know if I needed pelvic floor physio?

People who require pelvic floor physio retraining tend to lose bladder or bowel control or they may have an intense feeling to urinate often.

What can I expect in a pelvic floor assessment?

It's a lot like a typical physio assessment, i'll ask you a lot of questions regarding your general health, fluid intake, medication, history, and urination habits. Once a diagnosis is reached, we will develop a treatment plan designed specifically for your issues.

Why is training my pelvic floor important?

Training your pelvic floor can help reverse and prevent further incontinence and prolapses. 

Who is most likely to need pelvic floor physio?  Is it just for women?

The majority of people who lose bladder control are female, often women need rehab after having a baby due to the muscles being compromised during delivery. We do see a few male patients after they've had prostate issues.

If you're interested in booking one of these appointments with Sari Uretsky BScPT, CAFCI or need some more info, give us a call at the clinic at 780-930-1331