Happy Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time, getting to dress up as someone or something and going out to trick or treat. Be safe this Halloween with a few tips from Hawkstone Physical Therapy.

1. Prevent trips and falls by wearing a costume that fits properly. Try to avoid long dresses or capes and oversize foot wear. 
2. Make sure you can be seen in your costume. If possible use bright colors or reflective tape. Carry a flashlight or glow sticks so you can be seen at night. 
3. Be able to see out of your costume. Use make up instead of masks so you can see where you are going and other people around you. 
4. If you are out driving, take it slow and be aware of kids that may unexpectedly cross the road. And remember to put your cell phone away!
5. Stick to the sidewalk and cross the road only at intersections. Look both ways before crossing. Try not to step out from between parked cars.