Snow Shoveling 101

Shoveling Tips:

1.    Wear proper foot wear that provides good grip to help prevent falls
2.    Select a proper shovel, one that is light weight and that reaches about chest height when resting on the ground
3.    Warm up before heading out to shovel, do a couple sets of squats or march in place
4.    Keep the weight light, the total weight of snow and shovel should not exceed 10-15 pounds
5.    Push snow rather than lifting it
6.    If you must lift, use your legs by bending the knees, keep the back flat and walk to where you want to put the snow
7.    Avoid using awkward technique, do not throw snow over your shoulder or twist to the side
8.    During large snowfalls shovel frequently to avoid it piling up, if shovelling large amounts do so in layers
9.    Take a break every 15 min
10.    If all else fails, hire someone!!!


Here are some exercises to keep your back happy and core strong for all the winter snowfalls!


  1. Start holding tubing with both hands together at your chest.

  2. Tighten your core, push tubing directly out in front of you and hold core/abdominals tight keeping tubing steady.

  3. Repeat 5-10 times each side for 2 sets.

Wood Chop:

  1. Start with tubing anchored at the bottom.

  2. Begin in a “hip hinge” position (hips back, toes and knees facing forwards).

  3. Keeping arms straight, engage your core and stand up while rotating your torso slightly.

  4. Repeat 5-10 times for 1-2 sets on both sides.

Happy Shoveling!