Shoveling Tips

Shoveling Tips:

1.    Wear proper foot wear that provides good grip in order to prevent falls
2.    Select a proper shovel, one that is light weight and that reaches about chest height when resting on the ground
3.    Warm up before heading out to shovel, especially if you have been sitting for an extended period of time; walk around or on the spot, perform squats and arm circles, reach to the sky
4.    Total weight of snow and shovel should not exceed 10-15 pounds
5.    Push snow rather than lifting it
6.    If lifting the snow use your legs to lift by bending the knees, keep the back flat and walk to where you want to put the snow
7.    Avoid awkward technique, do not throw snow over your shoulder or twist to the side
8.    During large snowfalls shovel frequently to avoid it pilling up, if shoveling large amounts do so in layers
9.    Take a break every 15 min
10.    If all else fails hire someone!!!