Get Fit Together

Resistance Band See Saw

Both partners start by facing each other and holding one end of a resistance band out in front of them. Have enough distance between you so there is some tension on the band. One person (partner A) will squat down pulling the band down between their legs. At the same time the other person (partner B) will pull up and back reaching overhead with the band. Both partners will return to the start position and will perform the opposite motion. Repeat the exercise alternating the squat and reach down with the overhead reach for 10-15 repetitions. 

I’ve Got your Back Squat

Both partners will stand back to back with their feet slightly forward and about hip width apart. You can link arms for additional stability or just rest arms at your side. At the same time both partners will bend at the hips and knees to perform a squat motion. Return to the starting position and repeat exercise 10-15 times. For added difficulty once on the squat position the partners can pass a medicine ball or other object side to side. 

Push Up High 5’s

Each person will start in a push up position facing each other. Lower into a push up, then as you come back up reach with one hand to high five your partner. Repeat exercise alternating which hand you use each time. Perform 5-10 repetitions per side. 

Hop Over Plank

Have one person start in a plank position (balanced on toes and elbows). Their partner stands on one side facing sideways and performs a two foot hop over the other person performing the plank. Repeat as many hops as possible for 30 secs then switch positions. Perform 2-3 sets.