Back to School

Follow these tips to help make sure that your child’s back pack isn’t giving them pain:

1.    When loading a backpack always place heavier objects closer to the bottom and back and use all compartments to distribute the weight more evenly
2.    Choose a backpack that has wide shoulder straps (about 2 inches) that are well padded
3.    If possible try to find a back pack with a waist belt and use it to take some of the weight off the shoulders
4.    When choosing a back pack, try to choose one that is the appropriate size for the person carrying it. Ultimately a larger pack will just get filled with more stuff. 
5.    Avoid overloading a backpack, try to keep the load below 10-15% of the person’s body weight, especially with children
6.    Wear the backpack over both shoulders rather than having it slung over one shoulder
7.    Keep the straps tight so the backpack sits against the back, with the bottom of the pack resting in the small of your back
8.    Suggest to your child that they use their locker, if available, to store books and supplies that are not needed at home.