While vertigo and dizziness are often thought to be the same thing, they’re actually two different conditions. If you have vertigo, you feel as if the external world is spinning around you, or as if you are revolving in space. You will notice the sensation of rotary movement when you’re bending forward, looking up, lying down, or rolling over in bed. If you are experiencing dizziness, you may feel lightheaded, unsteady and you may experience swaying.

There are many possible causes for each condition and we recommend you see your doctor first as some of the causes will need to be addressed by a physician. 

We’ll help you stop your world from spinning. 

Okay, so maybe we’re not quite that powerful. But we can treat your vertigo. Vertigo can be caused when tiny crystals found in one part of your inner ear canal, flake off and float into a different part. When you move your head, these crystals send mixed signals to your brain. 

The first thing Hawkstone physical therapists will do is figure out where the crystals in your ear have moved. They’ll then put you through a series of postures designed to remove the crystals from the canal. We’ll also talk you through a series of home exercises and some instructions to follow to help make sure your condition doesn’t reoccur.