Sari Leung


Physical Therapist 

Certified Acupunture Practitioner, Certified in Pelvic Floor Incontinence and EPIC Lift Evaluator, Infant Head/Neck Disorders, K-Tape Certified

Originally from Edmonton, Sari graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor in Rehabilitative Medicine in 1999. She worked as head trainer for the Golden Bears basketball team and as an assistant trainer with the Edmonton Eskimos. Sari moved to Vancouver where she completed her certifications in Acupuncture, and Pelvic Floor and Functional Capacity Evaluation. She also served as the WCB liaison with the BC College of Physiotherapists. In 2006 she returned to Edmonton and is now certified in the use of Radial Shockwave Therapy and the treatment of infant torticollis and flat head.

Sari has experience in sport related injuries, motor vehicle, WCB cases, women’s health issues and pediatric care.  She focuses on educating her patients on their condition, using manual therapy to improve mobility and teaching exercises for strengthening and prevention of re-injury.

Sari is a dancer, teacher and choreographer and runs her own not-for-profit dance company.  She golfs, plays baseball and does Cross Fit to stay fit.  Sari has three beautiful children she is extremely proud of.